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Dec 7, 2013 10:00pm EST
because they are also proclaiming michele bachmann or palin. >> host: isn't it that the rage is channeled through probably a person, like an ex-wife or, you know, what i mean? it's a familiar -- >> guest: for other guys. >> host: not him necessarily, but you own sexism more because you have personal experience of a woman who was whatever. >> guest: you know, in our culture, i actually think that sexism is far more permissible than racism. >> host: it seems like that, yeah. >> guest: i have an excellent example how to think of it. if you remember the primary season in 2008 when clinton was running against obama for the democratic nomination, and there was a guy who, at one of clinton's rallies -- >> host: hillary clinton's rally. >> guest: yes, held up a sign that said "iron my shirt," remember that? >> host: yes. >> guest: i asked the students, i teach a large lecture class, and how many remembered that? by the way, in 2009, i asked the question, not five years later. i asked students here, how many of you remember that? i had, like, 10%, 20% hands. i said, yeah, because it really didn't
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1